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Artmagic: Oakes & McGhee
Artmagic (Richard Oakes & Sean McGhee) present a unique collaborative performance featuring Kate Havnevik, Artmagic, Jody & Simon from The Gadsdens and Andrew Montgomery. For one night only, they'll p . . . (more)

The Suede Parade - last weeks
Since a couple of weeks, Suede Online runs the Suede Parade survey. Already more than 200 visitors of Suede Online have voted in the biggest Suede survey ever.

What is your favourite song, wha . . . (more)

New shows, website announced
In response to the positive critics, Suede have announced some new shows (see: tour dates). The band have also announced to re-open the official website with forum a . . . (more)

Suede to play at Smukfest
Whether we have to call it a reunion or not, Suede will headline the Danish festival Smukfest in Skanderborg on August 7th. More information at http://www.smukfest.dk.

Suede are back!
Suede played their first live show in 7 years yesterday evening at 100 Club, London.

They played: She, Trash, Filmstar, Animal Nitrate, Heroine, Pantomime Horse, Killing of a Flashboy, Obsessio . . . (more)


Suede Online Back To Stay
After a short break, Suede Online is happy to be back. The website has been re-designed to celebrate the tenth anniversary. We've also added a lot of new content. Don't forget to check out the all new Song Database with lyrics and sounclips of all Suede songs.

Favourite hangout of many Suede addicts is still the Suede Online Forum, the Suede discussion platform with respect.

Back on the site is the good old "Song of the Week"-download: another Suede rarity every week.

Suede Online Poll
A new Suede album should be produced by

Song of the Week
Another good reason to check back on Suede Online is our famous Song of the Week-download:

Sorry, no song for download available today...

The Suede Parade
What is the best Suede album ever made? Which song is on top of your list? What's your prefered Suede incarnation? What video clip is the most stunning?

Give your opinion and fill out the Suede Parade.


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