Excerpts from two very interesting interviews.

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Excerpts from two very interesting interviews.

Postby Javvier » 11 Aug 2012, 11:33

They are in spanish and I think they havent been traslated or had any impact. I havent traslated everything, only new information:
http://perdiendomiejem.blogspot.ie/2012 ... suede.html
-After the sixth álbum (ANM) you recorded several songs for a potential 6th álbum, what happened with that material? - It was brought to the Shetland Islands, burnt in a ritual and the ashes were comprised in a small brick part of a new highway in the UK, im sorry.

-In this tour you have been playing new songs. Some of them like Sabotage and For the Strangers seem to retake the most epic and romantic side of Suede, will be this the line of the next album? – It always happen the same: we start with a very specific and detailed idea of what type of album we are going to do and then in the studio something completely different appears. All I can say about the new songs is that we didn’t fear that they sounded Suede.

http://jenesaispop.com/2012/08/01/suede ... evo-disco/ INTERVIEW WITH SIMON, NEIL AND MATT
Last thing we have heard about your new album is that some of the songs played live are going to be left out, is that true? Why? - No, not really. Its true that part of the material we played in Russia last December is not going to be on the new album but what we have been playing lately is, I hope so.

First albums of Suede were quite different from the last ones, what will the new Suede album be? - There is a little from everything, has flavours of all the records we have done, but overall is a comeback to the sonic universe of Ed Buller, so, we have revisited our world and also experimented with new things in this record. Its very exciting.

Brett said in some interviews that if you didn’t come with something really good, there would not be a new Suede album, what do you think about that? – We are not in a situation that obliged us to release records for the sake of it. We just want to make sure that all that we do make sense.

Which is the new album about? Is there a concept with respect to lyrics, are they more mature or are they simply Suede: about life, sex, relations, etc? – No, there is no concept. -You should ask brett. We are in a point in which songs are not complete and we are not playing them live. Brett still changes lyrics and the ones we know will probably change for the time we record them. –Oh my god, I hope they’ll change. – Lyrics are about sex, skycrappers, peas, pigs, nuclear winters (laughs).

In which point of the recording is the album? – About three quarters. – It depends as we are still composing and its possible that much more material will come out, and that we then discover we have only covered one quarter of our way. But I think we are arriving to the end, polishing material.

Till what point band decisions are Brett’s? any of you wanted to reunite between 2002 and 2012? Who saw it clearer and who didn’t? – I think Richard was the one with more doubts. One year before the reunion everyone has doubts, but something happened in the Royal Albert Hall (march, 2010) that made us decide.

Some shop in Madrid (Fnac callao) has your record listed for purchase for October, is everything really so advanced or is it just a reedition? -Even if we had finished the album, I doubt it would be out for then. It is a mistake.

How do you remember Head Music? Its like it was the end of one era (of popularity, good critics) but it really has very cool songs, is it one of your favourites? –Yes, you are right, it was the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. There is one half of that record that is really good. There are songs like Electricity or Everything will flow that are as good as any other thing we had before, but the other half just doesn’t make it. – Its too long. –its frustrating as one half of the record was very good and the other one was just the opposite, and its very obvious which is which.

(feel free to repost it in suede.co.uk if you wish)

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Re: Excerpts from two very interesting interviews.

Postby Javvier » 11 Aug 2012, 11:39

The thing about the Shetland islands wasnt really very informative but I liked it :P . I think its interesing that Neil still does not feel completely confortable about new lyrics and that they can change, the state of the composing and making of the new album, the doubts of Richard about reunion and the sincerity about Head Music

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Re: Excerpts from two very interesting interviews.

Postby sunshine » 11 Aug 2012, 20:13

cool. thanks

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