24th Oct O2 Academy 1, Bristol (UK)

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24th Oct O2 Academy 1, Bristol (UK)

Postby sunshine » 26 Oct 2013, 06:27

They played pantomime horse, barriers, snowblind, it starts and ends with you, filmstar, trash, animal nitrate, heroine, sometimes i feel i’ll float away, sabotage, the drowners, killing of a flashboy, the 2 of us, the big time, for the strangers, so young, metal mickey, beautiful ones.
Encore: new generation.

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Re: 24th Oct O2 Academy 1, Bristol (UK)

Postby sunshine » 26 Oct 2013, 23:12

October 25, 2013
Review: Suede, O2 Academy Bristol, 5/5, by Steve Harnell
By The Bristol Post
By Steve Harnell
http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Review-Sue ... story.html
I’M repeating the words ‘absolute triumph’ as I leave the venue and that’s still rattling around my head the following morning – this show by the reunited Suede was very special indeed.
Of all the Brit rock institutions who’ve reconvened over the past few years, you could argue that it’s this classy Brett Anderson-led five-piece who’ve done it with the most integrity. They’ve succeeded where The Stone Roses, Blur, Pulp and Happy Mondays have come up a little short – it’s a radical concept called ‘releasing a new studio album’.
Bloodsports – which appeared in March – is a defiant new chapter in the band’s history and they’re clearly proud of it, confidently slotting in more than half of it here without any dip in the quality threshold.
They began, though, with the stately Pantomime Horse and Anderson’s soon on his knees wringing out every drop of emotion from the song. Then it’s straight onto a trio of newbies, the call to arms of Barriers, a rocking Snowblind and an outstanding It Starts and Ends with You, which really is as good as anything they’ve put their name to.
By Filmstar, Anderson’s up on the monitors swinging his microphone around like a camp Roger Daltrey and having a ball. Trash prompts a mass singalong while Animal Nitrate and Heroine test the foundations underneath the Academy.
The first break comes nine songs in, with the elegiac Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away and the brooding Sabotage.
We’re soon back to the more urgent likes of The Drowners and the glam rock riffage of b-side Killing of a Flashboy, though. Breathy ballad The 2 of Us gets a rare airing and they follow it with an exhilarating So Young.
Anderson was quite frankly astonishing throughout. Gone are the cut-price Morrisseyisms and arrogance of the early days, replaced with a hugely committed performance that completely engaged the audience. He does most of the heavy lifting with the band content to take a back seat. Guitarist Richard Oakes has a few scene-stealing moments but never attempts to share the limelight in the same way that the band’s original axe hero, Bernard Butler, did.
They’ve still got two of their biggest tunes up their sleeves, too. Oakes finally lets his inner rock monster off the leash for Metal Mickey and Beautiful Ones is quite sublime.
There’s just one song in the encore – New Generation. After all, the job was already done, so why labour the point?
Forget about dewy-eyed nostalgia, Suede are very much in the moment. A barnstorming return.

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