BBC6 Radcliffe and Maconie

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BBC6 Radcliffe and Maconie

Postby sunshine » 20 Mar 2018, 06:11

Brett Anderson
Radcliffe and Maconie
Mark and Stuart chat to Suede frontman Brett Anderson about his recent memoir. The singer-songwriter and Britpop icon has published Coal Black Mornings, an autobiography of his childhood and early life. As well as stories from growing up in Haywards Heath, Brett also charts the creation of Suede, the indie rock band that propelled him to stardom.
Also on the show today... The Chain, a full of flavour feature with over 7,000 songs in the mix. Could your pick be added next? It's your chance to get involved... AND there's Tea Time Theme Time, where you get to guess what links three songs over a nice cup of tea..
Plus Music News to keep you in the loop of all things in the music biz.

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