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Artmagic - The Cat & Mutton - 22nd Feb 2012

Posted: 23 Feb 2012, 02:25
by sunshine
Tonight, Artmagic performed an acoustic set at The Cat & Mutton in Hackney, introduced by Chris Hawkins from BBC 6 Music. It should be on soon!

It was Richard and Sean McGhee with gorgeous Gordana Jovkovic.
They played: 'Forever in Negative', 'Heaven is Here', 'The Choice' (with Richard on keyboards), 'Half-Life', 'You', 'The Scruff of the Neck' and 'The Gift of Flight'. We even got a second round of Forever in Negative as it had not been recorded properly!

I believe this was artmagic 10th gig and a warming up for the full-band one next week at the Bowery next week.

Exciting plans from what we heard from the boys and great artmagic postcards!

pictures to follow (prob this afternoon!)

Re: Artmagic - The Cat & Mutton - 22nd Feb 2012

Posted: 25 Feb 2012, 21:54
by sunshine
a bit too dark and fcbk playing up for the videos