M & B at the Union Chapel

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M & B at the Union Chapel

Post by sunshine » 02 May 2014, 19:56

As you never know what the future may bring, I decided to go and see this last night at the lovely Union Chapel to support the fund raising for bernard's London marathon this year. He ran for the Bobath Centre for people diagnosed with cerebral palsy:
http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundrai ... nardbutler

We were entertained before by Nerina Pallot, whose album The year of the Wolf was recorded with bernard. Despite having some dentist appointment a few hours before the show, she carrried on and did a small set, the last song being played with bernard.

After a bit, there came David (our Croydon star) in a very bright green suit and a very 'impressive' set of red jewellery. And then there was a bit of string, some members from the Happy Family, Mako (yeah, the one from the Tears and bb solo stuff) and... mr. bernard butler!
Highlights of the show: bb playing the church organ, bb playing with his son on stage 2 songs, the party atmosphere when we were allowed to stand up and the last song, when David said 'you know we're not going to leave you without playing the one song you all want to hear', with Bernard hitting the first chord to Yes and the rest of the band and crowd singing Happy Birthday to bb on his 44th one! Funniest bit was the cake they brought up and the face bb put!

They played: Can we make it, What’s the excuse this time, Different strokes, Although, Tonight, Disappointment, Blue, Speed, How about you, Don't call it soul, Bring it back, Where R U now, Zoom, Falling
Encore 1: You'll lose a good thing (bb on organ and david on pulpit), You do (w charles butler)
Encore 2: Goodbye (w charles butler), Yes

They were selling a limited signed poster for the night (100 copies only).

They are playing tonight at the Islington Academy Hall.

Photos to follow.

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Re: M & B at the Union Chapel

Post by sunshine » 02 May 2014, 20:17

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