Suede - 25th Anniversary Edition

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Suede - 25th Anniversary Edition

Post by sunshine » 25 Jan 2018, 05:59 ... 2a5ca72f9a

Suede - 25th Anniversary Edition (Amazon Exclusive) CD+DVD, Collector's Edition, Box set
Suede (Artist, Contributor) Format: Audio CD
Price: £42.49 & FREE Delivery in the UK. Delivery Details
Pre-order Price Guarantee. Learn more.
This title will be released on March 30, 2018.
Pre-order now.
Product details

Audio CD (30 Mar. 2018)
Amazon Exclusive Edition edition
Number of Discs: 5
Format: CD+DVD, Collector's Edition, Box set
Label: Edsel

Amazon exclusive edition includes a signed Brett Anderson print, limited to 750. This deluxe 4CD+DVD book edition 'Suede' celebrates the 25th anniversary of it's original release, and includes the album; the b-sides; a CD of demos, monitor mixes (several previously unreleased) and the band's first BBC radio session, arranged chronologically; plus a concert from February 1993. The DVD features six contemporary TV performances (including their first ever TV appearance), and an hour-long film of Brett and Bernard Butler discussing the writing and recording of the album, all issued for the first time. Also included is a new note by Brett about his memories of the recording of the album, along with the lyrics, hand-written lyric drafts, tape boxes, and photos from the band's collections. Brett Anderson believes that 'Suede' probably has more cultural resonance than any other of their albums, as a pre-cursor to Britpop and a supplanter of grunge.

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Re: Suede - 25th Anniversary Edition

Post by sunshine » 25 Jan 2018, 20:32

Suede 25th anniversary box set
January 25, 2018 by Paul Sinclairtags: 1990s, 25th Anniversary
Five-disc 25th anniversary deluxe set • 750 SIGNED editions
This March, Demon Music will issue a five-disc, 25th anniversary edition of Suede‘s 1993 debut album, with limited quantities available with a print SIGNED by frontman Brett Anderson.
The Mercury Prize winning album is expanded to four CDs and a DVD and is presented in bookset packaging similar to 2016’s Coming Up 20th anniversary set.
The first CD offers the album, the second associated B-sides, while the third disc offers a fascinating chronological look at early Suede via early demos sessions and monitor mixes, culminating in the first ever release of an April 1992 Mark Goodier session. At that point in time, the band were yet to release a single, but the BBC radio session delivered powerful interpretations of future 45s Metal Mickey and The Drowners alongside Sleeping Pills and Moving, both of which would feature on the Suede album, which was still nearly a full year away from release a that point.
The band’s Live at the Leadmill gig from February 1993 was issued on DVD as part of the 2011 deluxe edition but here is released on CD for the first time. The DVD on this new edition promises much, including the Suede’s first ever TV appearance and their turn on Jools Holland’s Later... programme which features a slightly different arrangement of So Young. Also, fans get to enjoy an hour-long film of songwriters Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler discussing the writing and recording of the album – and all the B-sides! This is a new film with the pair are in discussion with journalist and broadcaster Pete Paphides.
In a new note the booklet Brett Anderson recalls the recording of the album, and it includes printed lyrics, hand-written lyric drafts, tape box images, and photos from the band’s collections. Also, the packaging has been improved since the Coming Up reissue, and this deluxe set doesn’t have those horrible plastic clips that always break, and opts for the side opening folio/wallet similar, to R.E.M.‘s Out Of Time super deluxe from 2016.
Suede will be reissued on 30 March 2018. There are 750 exclusive signed editions available exclusively via Amazon UK, with a print of handwritten lyrics to Metal Mickey, signed by Brett and if you’re wondering, no vinyl edition of this reissue has been announced.
Bizarrely, the signed edition is cheaper than the non-signed one – currently £42.49. Also, if you spend over £50 on Amazon UK today (using the code BIGTHANKS) you get £10 off!

1. So Young
2. Animal Nitrate
3. She’s Not Dead
4. Moving
5. Pantomime Horse
6. The Drowners
7. Sleeping Pills
8. Breakdown
9. Metal Mickey
10. Animal Lover
11. The Next Life

1. My Insatiable One
2. To The Birds
3. He’s Dead
4. Where The Pigs Don’t Fly
5. Painted People
6. The Big Time
7. High Rising
8. Dolly
9. My Insatiable One [piano version]
10. Brass In Pocket

1. The Drowners
2. He’s Dead
3. Moving
4. To The Birds

ISLAND DEMOS, January 1992
5. Metal Mickey
6. Pantomime Horse
7. High Wire (My Insatiable One)*
8. The Drowners*
9. To The Birds*

EAST WEST DEMO, March 1992
10. Sleeping Pills

11. The Drowners*
12. To The Birds*
13. My Insatiable One*

14. Metal Mickey*
15. The Drowners*
16. Sleeping Pills*
17. Moving*

18. Diesel [instrumental] [studio outtake]
19. Stars On 45 [rehearsal room recording]
20. Sleeping Pills [strings]

*previously unreleased

February 1993
1. Metal Mickey
2. Moving
3. My Insatiable One
4. Animal Nitrate
5. Pantomime Horse
6. The Drowners
7. Painted People
8. So Young
9. Animal Lover
10. Sleeping Pills
11. To The Birds

THE LATE SHOW [7.5.92]
1. The Drowners
TOP OF THE POPS [24.9.92 & 27.5.93]
2. Metal Mickey
3. So Young
4. So Young
5. The Next Life / Brett and Jools
6. My Insatiable One
Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler discuss
“Suede”, track-by-track, with Pete Paphides ... y-box-set/
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Re: Suede - 25th Anniversary Edition

Post by sunshine » 30 Jan 2018, 06:04

Suede have announced the reissue of their self-titled debut album.
By Luke Morgan Britton Jan 26, 2018
Collection consists of four CDs and a DVD
The Britpop band released their debut in 1993 and will mark its 25th anniversary with a ‘Silver Edition’ deluxe package.
It’ll be released on March 30 and consists of four CDs and a DVD, and includes B-sides, demos, live recordings and unreleased material.
“The album is charged with a naivety but it manages to have a feel which I still love; it rages and it screams, it yelps and it whispers and captures some truth of who we were at that moment in our lives: youthful, impertinent, ambitious and flawed,” frontman Brett Anderson explains.
“I only have sunny memories of those days. It was a wonderful time for us when we were all still young men; wild – eyed and passionate and heedless, when we were still united and mutually purposeful and when it felt like the world could be ours.”

See the full tracklist below.

CD1 (original album):
01 “So Young”
02 “Animal Nitrate”
03 “She’s Not Dead”
04 “Moving”
05 “Pantomime Horse”
06 “The Drowners”
07 “Sleeping Pills”
08 “Breakdown”
09 “Metal Mickey”
10 “Animal Lover”
11 “The Next Life”

CD 2 (The B-Sides):
01 “My Insatiable One”
02 “To The Birds”
03 “He’s Dead”
04 “Where The Pigs Don’t Fly”
05 “Painted People”
06 “The Big Time”
07 “High Rising”
08 “Dolly”
09 “My Insatiable One (Piano Version)”
10 “Brass In Pocket”

CD 3 (Demos, Monitor Mixes, & BBC Radio 1 Session):
01 “The Drowners” (Rocking Horse Demos, October 1991)
03 “He’s Dead” (Rocking Horse Demos, October 1991)
03 “Moving” (Rocking Horse Demos, October 1991)
04 “To The Birds” (Rocking Horse Demos, October 1991)
05 “Metal Mickey” (Island Demos, January 1992)
06 “Pantomime Horse” (Island Demos, January 1992)
07 “High Wire (My Insatiable One)” (Island Demos, January 1992)
08 “The Drowners” (Island Demos, January 1992)
09 “To The Birds” (Island Demos, January 1992)
10 “Sleeping Pills” (East West Demo, March 1992)
11 “The Drowners” (Single Monitor Mixes, March 1992
12 “To The Birds” (Single Monitor Mixes, March 1992
13 “My Insatiable One” (Single Monitor Mixes, March 1992
14 “Metal Mickey” (BBC Radio 1, Mark Goodier Show, April 1992)
15 “The Drowners” (BBC Radio 1, Mark Goodier Show, April 1992)
16 “Sleeping Pills” (BBC Radio 1, Mark Goodier Show, April 1992)
17 “Moving” (BBC Radio 1, Mark Goodier Show, April 1992)
18 “Diesel” (Instrumental Studio Outtake)
19 “Stars On 45″ (Rehearsal Room Recording)
20 “Sleeping Pills (Strings)”

CD4 (Live At The Leadmill, February 1993):
01 “Metal Mickey”
02 “Moving”
03 “My Insatiable One”
04 “Animal Nitrate”
05 “Pantomime Horse”
06 “The Drowners”
07 “Painted People”
08 “So Young”
09 “Animal Lover”
10 “Sleeping Pills”
11 “To The Birds”

01 “The Drowner” (The Late Show, 5/7/92)
02 “Metal Mickey” (Top Of The Pops, 9/24/92)
03 “So Young” (Top Of The Pops, 5/27/93)
04 “So Young” (Later… With Jools Holland, 6/4/93)
05 “The Next Life” (Later… With Jools Holland, 6/4/93)
06 “My Insatiable One” (Later… With Jools Holland, 6/4/93)

Read more at ... zuc0e75.99

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