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Backing vocals for Danny Goffey

Posted: 12 Jan 2018, 19:57
by sunshine
Danny Goffey Returns With New Song 'Ancient Text'
Former Supergrass songwriter unveils a solo effort...
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12 · 01 · 2018
Former Supergrass musician Danny Goffey has shared new song 'Ancient Text'.
The drummer and songwriter released his solo debut ‘Take Your Jacket Off & Get Into It’ under the vangoffey moniker, before opting to work under his own name.
New material is incoming, with Danny Goffey sharing biting indie stomper 'Ancient Text' a few moments ago.
There are certainly elements of Supergrass in there, with the slight glam feeling set against a note of eccentric Englishness.
Suede's Brett Anderson is on hand to lay down some vocals on a track that cries out for a more tolerant society. Danny explains...
"The inspiration behind ‘Ancient Text’ is all around us, in the news every day. It is inescapable. Every day a terrible event happens in the name of religion, and it’s heartbreaking when innocent people are caught up in the destruction. Give up the Ancient Text." ... cient-text