meltdown 2010

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Re: meltdown 2010

Post by Filmstar » 15 Apr 2010, 12:55

mark wrote:little team lol!!!! you should go up to hillsborough and see our stadium if you think we are a little team!!! wasn't that many moons ago we were beating the likes of arsenal and man utd in the premier league!!! (well bout 10 years lol!!!!)....

mmm - we gotta beat the scum at home on sunday lunchtime then on last day of season we're home to palace who are just above us...!!! worry, worry, worry!!!!
I take it you mean United lol! I;m a Forest supporter and we've got Blackpool.

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Re: meltdown 2010

Post by mark » 15 Apr 2010, 13:25

I tipped you for a good season before the season started!!!! You bought so many attacking players i thought u were bound to do well.... Still remember the pain of u beating us 7-1 at hillsborough when we were in the prem!!!! bastards!!

There's no real pattern to the results in the championship though - anyone can beat anyone - the only team running away with it is newcastle.... blackpool are having a good season but we beat them at their place...

oh and yes - i do mean the scummy blades!!!!! looks like it could go down to the last game of the season when we play palace - whichever team wins that will prob stay up and the other go down....

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